Hello! My name is Brittany Bumpus and I am in my third year of teaching Pre-K. The school I work with has an accelerated learning program in which each grade teaches a year ahead. This means that even though my students are 4-5 years old, they are learning Kindergarten curriculum. This year I have taken a new role in my school as the grade-band lead and am responsible for anything to do with our grades curriculum as well as parent communication within our school. Most of the parents at our school work for Microsoft, Google, or other high-tech companies within the Pacific Northwest. Some parents even have a spouse in another country working for these companies while the other stays here to take care of the family and their child’s education.

This year my goal is to integrate technology more into my classroom. I believe that STEAM is very important to be showcased in classroom activities, and with parents who use technology in their lives everyday, using educational technology is a skill they want their child to be able to understand. Another reason I feel technology is so useful in the classroom is our ability to reach out to parents; whether the parent is working in China for Microsoft, or even just at home wondering what their child is learning in the classroom, I want to be able to reach out to all parents and build that teacher-parent connection. Parents can be busy, and if I am able to create a system in which it is easier for them to access what their child is learning then I am going to do it! My last reason for wanting to connect more with technology this year refers to being the grade-band lead. My school has been adopting devices and programs that teachers are unfamiliar with and have given us little to no training on figuring out how to incorporate these resources in our classrooms. Due to this, I have chosen to go back to school and earn a Masters of Education in Digital Education Leadership from Seattle Pacific University in order to learn how to be a digital leader in my school.

This blog is being made as part of a cumulative bPortfolio project for the M.Ed. program. I have high hopes that through this program I will get to reach my technology goals of building a more tech-savvy classroom environment in my school!